Rosemary oil 2 dram


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Our Rosemary oil encapsulates the essence of the plant of the same name, imparting many of its qualities and capabilities. As such, it is an excellent supplement to spells and rituals of recollection, where it is used to anoint ritual items and candles to enhance memory. This is especially beneficial when used with spells affecting dreams. This oil is also useful in spells and rituals when you need a burst of energy, whether physical, spiritual, or otherwise. Aside from these great benefits, our Rosemary Oil is widely utilized in depiction of the astrological signs of Scorpio and Sagittarius, as well as the element of Earth, enabling you to pull the properties and energies of the element and signs into your ritual craft. This is a 2dr bottle of pure anointing oil that should only be used externally. Made in the United States.

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