Chakras for Beginners by David Pond

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You may believe that challenging conditions and feelings are the result of other people or random occurrences. This book will persuade you that problems in the outside world do not produce inner imbalance. Your imbalances, on the other hand, produce conditions that disrupt your feeling of well-being and tranquilly. Chakras for Beginners shows how to harmonize your energy on several levels in order to obtain balance and wellness from within. In layman's words, you'll understand how the seven body-spirit energy vortexes known as chakras work. Practical exercises, meditations, and strong strategies for dealing with your energy flow can assist you in overcoming imbalances that are impeding your spiritual growth. •Explore the balanced and unbalanced manifestations of each chakra's energies: survival, sexuality, power, love, creativity, intuition, and spirituality. •Practice spiritual exercises, visualizations, and meditations that bring your energies into harmony.

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