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Take your magical work with crystals to the next level with this hands-on book filled with spells, rituals, and inventive ways to use stones. In this practical instruction, Wiccan author Ember Grant delves deeply into crystal magic. Learn about the many varieties of crystals, rocks, and gemstones, as well as how to buy, cleanse, charge, and store them. Learn about crystal grids and numerology, quartz points and clusters, metals and alchemy, glass and sand magic, magical jewelry, elixirs, personal power stones, meditation, and divination. There are hundreds of spells for house and garden, health, love, issue solving, dreams, astral travel, and much more. Experiment with the tasks to broaden your understanding, and then replicate the grids to build your own layouts. This book is also valuable for novices, thanks to extensive appendices of correspondences and a glossary.

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