Psychic Development for Beginners by William W Hewitt

Divination & Psychic Development Books


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You have a hidden ability that is just waiting to be discovered: your inherent psychic sense. This one-of-a-kind book on psychic development provides quick and easy techniques that can be used every day to solve problems, psychically shield yourself from harm, contact your spirit guide, improve your listening skills, increase your reading comprehension, and even reserve that perfect parking space ahead of time. Awaken and develop your latent psychic powers, and eventually create the life you've always desired. In this book on psychic development, more than 44 enjoyable and easy tasks and 28 case studies demonstrate the efficiency of these approaches, assisting you in mastering a range of psychic techniques: • Clairvoyance • Telepathy • Astral travel • Psychometry • Psychic healing • Divination

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