Out of Your Hands Palm by Beleta Greenaway

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Out of Your Hands is a comprehensive reference on analyzing the hand's form, palmar lines, and fingerprints. Beleta describes the marks on the hand that reveal spiritual insights as well as practical interpretations such as personality qualities and relationship chances. When you look at the lines on someone's hand, you are looking at their life path as well as a blueprint of their character and destiny. Although palmistry is considered a science, and each line on the palm signifies a different meaning, it is also believed to be another route for psychics to obtain information, since touching or feeling the hand causes a vibration, which becomes a type of psychometry for the clairvoyant. Understanding the marks on the hands can provide you insight into personality features as well as a prospective fate. The insights gathered via palmistry may enhance your life and your prospects of happiness in the future. A paperback book measuring 6 x 9 inches and containing 160 pages.

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