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Many systems exist to assist you gain insight into yourself and others. That's not what I'm looking for. If so, you need Gerie Bauer's Numerology for Beginners. Numerology is easy. You just convert your name into a number (the book explains how) and search up the number's significance. Or decipher your birthdate's hidden significance. It's that simple! Use this book's approaches to discover your underlying motives. Knowing someone's name reveals their goals. Consider the business benefit! Consider how you will better grasp possible partners' intentions. Relationships may improve. Finances may improve. And all using numerology. Have you ever hated your job? You could have avoided the awful job and sought for one you liked if you had known you wouldn't enjoy it. Numerology can tell you what occupations you are suited for. Using numerology may make your life happier and more secure. If you've never tried a technique that can assess people, find affinities, and anticipate opportunities, I recommend numerology. Nothing is simpler or more complete. Adding numerology to other divinatory methods helps broaden and deepen your understandings. Beginners Numerology is the ideal place to start.

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