How to Use a Pendulum by Richard Webster

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The bestselling author of How to Utilize a Crystal has written a simple guide to understanding pendulums and the various ways you can use them to better your life. Richard Webster exposes you to fifty practical and spiritual tasks that may be accomplished with a single pendulum in his simple and obvious approach. How to Use a Pendulum walks you through the whole process, from selecting your pendulum to using it to discover lost belongings, ask and answer divinatory questions, and converse with ghosts. Pendulums may disclose information that cannot be obtained in any other manner, and this book has applications for them that you may not have considered previously. Learn how to balance your chakras, work with angels, relieve stress, communicate telepathically, and enhance your profession, among other things. A 264-page paperback book measuring 3.5" x 8.2" in size.

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