Futhark: Handbook Of Rune Magic by Thorsson & Flowers

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Edred Thorsson, a rune master, reinitiates us into our heritage in Futhark, illuminating the intricacies of a deep system of thinking and practice that underpins our emerging Western civilization. Futhark delves into the spiritual legacy of old runic knowledge as well as the practical methods we may take to tap into runic power. This comprehensive rune instruction book provides rune history and mythology, its foundation in philosophical philosophy and mysticism, entire descriptions of the Elder Futhark's twenty-four runes, and the etymology, phonetic value, and meaning of each rune. The reader will learn how to use runic energy in chants and rituals, how to sign and convey runes, and how to practice runic meditation. The author's exposition of this powerful method is clear and deep, making it a wonderful instrument for spiritual change and self-development. A 192-page paperback book measuring 5.8" x 9" in size.

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