Flame in the Cauldrom by Orion Foxwood


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Orion Foxwood urges readers to follow in the footsteps of old-school witchery, a nature-based technique as ancient as the marshes and as wild as the forests. For the first time, Foxwood discloses some of his profoundly personal rituals and spells straight from his own witchery grimoire; he emphasizes the distinctions (and parallels) between Wicca, "traditional" witchcraft, and old school witchery. Throughout the book, he weaves his own road to witchery, giving readers instances of how to discern the way toward this path. There is a revolution in the Pagan and Witchcraft communities, a movement away from prescribed ritual and neopagan practices and toward what Foxwood says is in the heart of every true witch: a thundering call deep within their very blood to become a healer, reckoner, protector of magical arts, and guardian of the wild woods.

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