Communing with the Ancestors by Raven Grimassi

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This book shows how to interact with and contact ancestor spirits, as well as practical strategies for seeking their assistance. Raven Grimassi delves into the world of the ancestors, as well as the function of rebirth in the soul's link to ancestral heritage. He discusses the interconnections between ancestors, the living, and the dead, as well as how different tactics and ceremonial practices might help increase contact with the ancestors. In Raven's signature manner, the book combines mythology, tradition, and superstition around the subject. Shrines, altars, and offerings are all thoroughly covered. Ancient customs connected to communing with the ancestors are resurrected, and new rites are presented, including a guided visualization exercise to bring readers into the "cavern of the ancestors." He covers it all: sacred spots, power places, unique gateways to the ancients, reincarnation, and the "restless dead who are still connected to the terrestrial plane."

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