Call of Intuition by Kris Franken

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It's time to bring your three inner guides together: intuition, instinct, and insight. into your life in novel and game-changing ways The Call of Intuition is a six-step technique that will teach you how to live simply and efficiently from an empowered state of self-awareness. As you become sensitive to the natural flow of universal energy and awaken your full potential, you'll work with chakras, crystals, mindfulness, Spirit Guides, prayers, and more. Kris Franken, a spiritual intuitive, tells you how to actively connect to intuition using her unique process: breathe, surrender, connect, trust, honor, and nurture. Each phase is accompanied by practical, hands-on approaches and entertaining activities that encourage you to discover the courage and compassion to live your truth and respond to your Soul's call. This fascinating book will assist you in totally opening yourself to the guidance inside and letting go of the obsessive demand for ultimate control. A 256-page paperback book measuring 5.2" x 7.9" in size.

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