Black Rainbow Moonstone Japa Mala Prayer Beads - 8mm

Prayer & Ritual Beads

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This charming Japa Mala was handmade in India and contains 108 beads, with one additional bead representing the starting and ending point.  Mala beads are delightful tools for meditation and prayer; they can be used for keeping the mind in focus by breathing deeply while moving through the beads and repeating a personal mantra or intention with each count.  

Gemstone: Moonstone is the main gemstone for those looking to explore the inner journey as it is said to help heighten intuition and psychic abilities. This beautiful stone is also used as a talisman by many for holding the power of mystery and connecting with the energies of the moon. 

Mala length:
86 cm
Number of beads:
108+1 beads with tassel
8 mm

Some of the beads are not perfectly round and therefore have small imperfections like flat spots. 

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