Title: Birch Tar Shampoo & Body Bar
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Birch Tar Shampoo & Body Soap Bar

Birch tar has long been known for its wonderful properties of soothing skin conditions, being antiseptic, disinfectant, analgesic and a powerful insecticide. In addition to the birch tar, I added dandelion tea, burdock root, calcium bentonite clay, and a blend of essential oils to compliment the birch tar. The scent is a smoky scent.

*******NOT FOR PREGNANT WOMEN *************************

Treat your hair to a handcrafted shampoo bar that not only cleanses, but also nourishes and softens as you lather. Most commercial shampoos contain harsh synthetics that ‘cleanse’ by stripping your hair of everything, including natural oils. That not only leaves your hair dry and unmanageable, but also dull-looking. This natural shampoo bar is created with hair-loving ingredients, turning an ordinary routine into an indulgent experience, and leaving your hair nourished and naturally beautiful! It can also be used as a bath soap.

To ensure the long life of your soap, store the bar in a cool place, out of direct sunlight until you’re ready to use it. In your shower, store the bar away from the direct water stream, and out of any standing water.

To get a good lather, swipe the soap bar across your wet hair a few times and lather and scrub. Then rinse.

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