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Backwoods Witchcraft is a folksy stew of family tales, history, omens, rituals, and conjuring crafts taught to Jake Richards by his great-grandmother, grandmother, and grandpa, a Baptist preacher who could "cure someone of a fever with an egg or block up the blood in a wound." Witchcraft in Appalachia is a folk magic of place, a tradition that celebrates the land's visible and unseen entities, as well as the soil, roots, and plant life. The materials and instruments utilised in Appalachian witchcraft are abundant on the terrain. This "grounded method" will pique the curiosity of witches and conjure rs everywhere. Readers will be shown how to connect with the spirits and other creatures that live around them, as well as how to utilise the materials and tools that are easily accessible on the land where they live. Jake Richards' Backwoods Witchcraft. Book is 9"x6" and has 211 pages.

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