Aquamarine Beaded Necklace, Cleansed & Charged


Aquarius Zodiac Sign (Sun in Aquarius)

Necklace Length: 18"
Findings: Stainless Steel
Sale price$26.99


The Natural Aquamarine necklace set comes with a Clear Quartz amplifier, Selenite flakes, and handmade paper ready for personal affirmation.

Natural Aquamarine pieces were tumbled and polished in baroque shapes, and then drilled and strung in this 18" (also available 20” to 34” length range) Aquamarine necklace. There are approximately 200 drilled (18”) baroque beads (5 - 8 mm diameter.) in each of these untreated & unheated Aquamarine necklaces.

We clean and cleanse each necklace set with the 4 Elements Method, energize (charge) in Wiccan Place Studio Pyramid for 24 hours before shipping.

Each Aquamarine Necklace Set comes with:

* A Detachable Clear Quartz Amplifier
* Selenite Crystal Flakes to keep your necklace charged
* Charged & Cleansed Aquamarine Necklace
* A wooden box
* 3 pieces of handmade paper
* "Rules for Writing The Perfect Affirmation" instruction

Aquamarine Meanings and Uses:
Keyword: Call Of The Mermaids 
Chakra(s): Throat
Number(s): 5, 11
Element(s): air, water
Astro sign(s): Aquarius, Pieces
Planet(s): Uranus, Neptune
Archangel(s): Archangel Muriel (rebalancing of emotions)
Affirmation: I am able to identify my feelings and resolve unsettling emotions. Negativity flows away effortlessly and .lovingly. I enjoy a wonderful sense of emotional balance. Inspiration flows effortlessly. I travel safely by land or sea.
Emotional uses: Water, as represented by this stone, assists in regaining emotional balance. It also helps relieve negative energy from conversations and your own internal dialogue. This is a stone of truth. Make it your intention to have the truth revealed and compassion and tolerance to accept the truth with ease and grace.
Physical uses: Aquamarine soothes the tonsils, larynx, throat, vocal cords, and neck. 
Spiritual uses: Aquamarine is a perfect stone for a lover of sea creatures, including dolphins and whales, as well as mermaids and water nymphs. Connecting with sea creatures through this stone a joyful way to awaken spiritually and excellent tool for self-development, development of telepathic skills, spiritual communication, including channeling and mediumship.
Careers and Professions: Boater, Editor, Fishermen, High board diver, Journalists, Swimmer, Travel profession, Writer. Also, Aquamarine is helpful for hypnotherapists, water-birth coaches, pool-service personnel, scuba-divers, and anyone who works or plays on, in, or near bodies of water. Aquamarine is also good for people who have careers in writing, speakers, teaching, and other professions that require good communication skills. 

Wiccan Place exclusive.


Q: What a Clear Quartz amplifier is?
A: The clear quartz crystal can be used to amplify other crystals, as well as amplify energies. WARNING: Don’t attach the Clear Quartz amplifier to your necklace or carry with you if you expect to meet someone who may be extremely angry or whose energy is dark. The Clear Quartz crystals amplify both positive and negative energies.

Q: How do I use Selenite Crystal Flakes?
A: Place your necklace (or any other gemstone jewelry pieces) next to Selenite Crystal Flakes to remove accumulated negative energy from stones.

Q: Why you don’t provide an affirmation for the necklace?
A: Affirmations work best if YOU create and write them. We provide you with "Rules for Writing The Perfect Affirmation" and sample statements for Amethyst gemstone.

Q: What are inclusions on the handmade paper?
A: We add White Sage and Lavender leaves to protect your affirmation

* 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.
* You will love them & they will love you back!
* WARNING CHOKING HAZARD: Not suitable for children!

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