Vibrational Sound Healing by Erica Longdon

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Singing, clapping, and Every phrase, idea, or sound we hear from birth on is significant, nutritious, or harmful. We can use sound and vibration to improve our health and well-being if we grasp their strong impacts. Erica Longdon describes the therapeutic and restorative effects of sound, frequency, and vibration on the body, mind, and soul. She demonstrates how sound therapy activates the body's innate self-healing systems and provides a non-invasive technique to repair every cell. She investigates instruments like tuning forks, gongs, singing bowls, drumming, chakra chanting, and heavenly vibrations, as well as cymatics, the study of wave phenomena, which makes sound visible. She describes various sound healing approaches and provides guidelines for self-treatment and preparation for sound therapy. Affirmations, vowel tones, and humming are just a few of the basic techniques and activities she recommends for self-healing. And how our inner vibrations, thoughts, and intentions influence us acoustically and may be utilized for vibrational healing. This book teaches you how to connect with your inner healer, restore balance and harmony, and harness the power of vibration for good health. 176 pages, 5.38" x 8.25".

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