Tales of Witchcraft & Wonder (hc) by Lecouteux & Lecouteux


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Claude and Corinne Lecouteux explain how many of these myths emerged in Classical Antiquity, while others arrived in Dark Ages Europe from the Middle East and India. The writers provide historical background and cultural and esoteric connotations for each tale. Like the Brothers Grimm's famous fairy tales, many of these stories were purposefully kept hidden since they included scandalous representations of popes and other notables. The writers also carefully remove the Christian veneer from many of the stories to illustrate how the stories helped ensure the survival of ancient pagan beliefs throughout time. These beliefs are explored through stories of animals with magical powers and the ability to communicate with humans, such as Aesop's famous Grateful Lion tale; stories of people with supernatural or otherworldly powers, such as the Venomous Maiden who poisons all men who have relations with her; and stories of people returning from the dead to help a descendant. The writers also examine supernatural spouses, clandestine love relationships, wisdom teachings, and fools' parables. A 320 page hardcover book.

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