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The Soul Calling Guidance Oracle Deck was created using a yellow flower on the back and the front is a yellow lily with the card meanings. This is a 48 card oracle deck.

The meanings are powerful and allow one to think at a different level to help in shifting your or your clients energy. They have been created to help support love, appreciation, and inner peace while manifesting your/their best life using the Law of Attraction & aligning with Spirit Energy. May also be used as an advise deck.

The oracle cards are smooth, not too glossy so they can easily be used for video readings as well as in person readings and shuffle easily. Water Proof. Approx Size 2 x 3 inches

There is no booklet as the cards have the messages printed on them. Also they will not come in a box they will arrive in a decorated drawstring bag. They will be shipped in a lightweight weatherproof envelope so your order will fit in a mailbox for added security of arrival.

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