Sacred Herbs of Spring by Ellen Evert Hopman

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The author investigates more than 90 herbs and trees in the substantial section on the holy plants of Beltaine, including charms, rituals, and recipes as well as medical therapeutic purposes. She exposes holy forests for Beltaine fires as well as Beltaine flowers for rituals and charms. She delves into herbs for good luck, magic, purification, abundance, and love; herbs for protection, such as bindweed, elder, and St. John's wort; herbs of the Faeries and Elves, such as burdock and dandelion; and herbs for travelling to the Otherworld and communicating with the high gods and goddesses. She also explains how to identify, collect, and prepare seasonal edible herbs, greens, mushrooms, and flowers. This book, woven throughout with mystical stories of folk, Faery, and holy plants, provides each of us practical and magical methods to connect with Nature, the plant life, and the Spirits that surround us throughout the spring season. 376-page paperback book measuring 6 x 9 inches.

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