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Utilize the magical, mystical, and majestic Moon's power with spells, rituals, meditations, and self-reflection prompts during each phase. The Moon is a famous and old emblem in our culture. It has influenced how humans see and track time; its movement governs the tides; and its ascension into the sky heralds the arrival of darkness. The many phases of the lunar cycle are associated with various states of being. These emotions reflect a type of spiritual journey that, like our own, never ends. When we look towards the Moon, we see reflections of life's magnificent cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Each Moon phase is covered separately in this helpful Moon Magic Journal, covering the phase's key themes as well as moon rituals, spells, meditations, and practical techniques to materialize what you wish. 160-page hardcover book measuring 5.8" x 8.55".

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