Moon Fix (hc) by Theresa Cheung

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We may develop our intuition, let go of previous hurts, and establish a deeper spiritual connection by better understanding and tuning into the moon cycles. Discover how moon power may help you reach ambitious objectives and solve your deepest issues, from economic success to love. With this fascinating book, you may apply ancient knowledge to current life. An introduction to the moon in astrology, covering everything from its relationship to the signs to its many phases and their importance. When and how to use lunar power to materialize and celebrate your greatest goals, including how to make a moon altar and use crystals, incense, herbs, and perfumes. Lunar guidance and spells, rituals, meditations, and recipes are arranged by topics such as Joy and Success, Health and Wellness, and Protection and Comfort. Indigo, a mystic artist and influencer, creates hauntingly stunning pictures. To live a boundless existence, align yourself with the cosmos and connect with the shifting cycles. A 176-page hardcover book measuring 7" x 9.4".

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