Modern Meditations by Murray Duplessis

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Explore personal development and wellness by going inside with this book's selection of easy-to-follow, experiential meditations. Even if you've doubted your ability to meditate because of poor attention, Modern Meditations includes a variety of strategies to keep you interested. You'll discover the skills and practices you need to easily reach deep, revealing states of awareness right here. Murray du Plessis demonstrates how to meditate successfully by using creative thought rather than mental emptiness. Modern Meditations is organized into twelve spiritual sectors, including relaxation, healing, affluence, and change, to make it easy to discover the meditation that is right for you. Through walking meditations, energy exercises, visualizations, affirmations, and explorations of dimensions both inside and beyond, this complete handbook fosters inner adventure and discovery. Murray's guided comments provide vibrant avenues back to your core, creating a world of inner peace, love, and pleasure. A paperback book measuring 5.2" x 7.95" and containing 278 pages.

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