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Modern magic is all about self-care and harnessing your inner abilities to create great changes in your life - and that's always been the focus of Cosmopolitan. The expert on love and sex now presents readers with a clear roadmap to navigate their romantic experiences via the use of simple and powerful spells. These potent incantations include charms for converting passion into love, healing from a traumatic breakup, and enhancing closeness in the bedroom between you and your bae. You'll also learn how to cast your own spells, build an altar, and find popular spell materials, among other things. You'll get spells for: attraction (red candle carving and vision board), manifestation, and protection. A lapis lazuli charm and color magick are used to communicate. Honey jar and sugar lip scrub for sweetening the surroundings for compassion and tenderness Venus invokes passion and desire Black salt or an obsidian cord-cutting blade may be used to heal a shattered heart. A 144-page hardback book measuring 5" x 7".

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