Loki & Sigyn by Lea Svendsen

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This enthralling novel delves into Loki's famed legacy as well as the quiet influence of Sigyn, the goddess of devotion and compassion. Loki, being a contentious character in Heathenry, is frequently addressed with caution. This book, on the other hand, shows you to his genuine self: a prankster who is also a loving spouse and a clever problem solver. Join Heathen author Lea Svendsen on an in-depth investigation of these two Norse deities, both together and apart. Discover their parenting experiences, difficult relationships with the other gods, and hilarious escapades. Learn how to make an altar for each of them, what offerings they want, and how to execute rituals for them. Pagan and Heathen figures such as Patricia Lafayllve and Erika Wren will also share their perspectives on Loki and Sigyn. A paperback book measuring 5.2" x 7.9" and containing 232 pages.

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