Kinesic Magic by Donald Tyson


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Discover a new Western magic technique that employs body postures and hand gestures to channel and use the universe's core esoteric powers. Kinesic Magic contains over 200 practical exercises that will teach you how to energize your body and mind, summon the forces of the elements and planets, command spirits, soothe and cure the sick, and banish demons. Many magical systems need the use of words, symbols, plants, equipment, altars, sigils, and garments, among other things. Kinesic Magic employs just twenty-four hand motions and twenty-four fundamental postures to call forth, direct, focus, project, and expel tremendous magical powers. This one-of-a-kind method combines your physical and purposeful energies with the five elements, the seven planets of conventional astrology, and the twelve signs of the zodiac to produce astounding magical outcomes. A paperback book measuring 7.25" x 9" and containing 288 pages.

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