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This is not your typical mystical tome, but rather a spellbook written by two experienced witches. This is the full, authoritative guide to spells—the essential manual for anybody interested in practicing hands-on magic. It contains both the ideas and philosophy of spell casting, as well as recipes for charms to cure common current issues, and is delightfully well written and practical, with evocative pictures and diagrams throughout. This book provides something that most witchcraft and Wicca books do not: an in-depth grasp of what's behind the spells and why they work. Geomancy, Elemental Scrying, Tree Divination, Mystic Dance and Drumming, Kitchen Witchery, and much more are all included. From healing, protection, and attraction spells to discernment, repulsion, and concealment spells, no subject is left unexplored.

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