Fluorite pyramid 25-30 mm


Crystal Pyramids

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Fluorite pyramids have great translucent qualities. You can almost see within. Can be used many ways, some uses are: strengthening, shielding, clarity, and calmness, and much more. Colors and shades vary. 25 - 30 mm.

Fluorite Properties

Keyword: Simply Genius!
Colors: green, purple, clear, yellow, and blue
Chakra(s): crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus 
Planet (s): Mercury
Number(s): 3, 8
Element(s): water, air
Energy: Projective 
Powers: Mental powers 
Astro Sign(s): Gemini, Virgo, Pieces
Affirmation: I enjoy learning new things. I am organized. I create the perfect space to learn. 
Careers & Professions: Electronics professionals, Yoga instructor
Rooms and spaces: Children’s playroom or place for study (focus), office (communication), gyms, yoga and Pilates studios (focus and endurance)

Wear or carry fluorite as an amulet to bring order to chaos, improve concentration, and strengthen analytical abilities. Fluorite aids in releasing the “monkey mind”.



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