First Nations Crystal Healing by Luke Blue Eagle

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Native Americans have used crystals and stones for millennia to aid and heal. Their modest approaches have proved successful through generations of healers who have passed down their teachings. With the consent of his elders and instructors, Luke Blue Eagle discusses the medicinal and spiritual application of crystals. For example, he describes the relationships between the elements and crystals, as well as the energy qualities of various hues seen in stones. He discusses how to cleanse, care for, and safeguard your crystals, as well as how to consecrate a new gemstone. The author examines 38 crystals and stones, including Herkimer diamond, amethyst, and citrine (the coyote stone). He shows you how to manufacture crystal essences, program a crystal, cleanse the energy centers, and provide a therapeutic treatment using clear quartz crystal. Blue Eagle tells us that by creating respectful connections with crystals and stones, we may not only increase healing energies and intentions, but also bring ourselves back into balance with Mother Earth. 264 pages, 6" x 9" paperback.

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