Fearless Tarot by Elliot Adam


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With this beginner's approach to the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot, you can make every reading pleasant and uplifting. Elliot Adam shows you how to go through the shadows and into the light no matter which card you select, using his entertaining and easy-going attitude. We've all been there, hoping for the best when we pull a card...only to find out it's the Devil! Every card in the Fearless Tarot deck can be transformed into something good, proving that anxiety does not have the upper hand. Elliot gives you the confidence to approach any reading by explaining both upright and inverted meanings constructively. His method incorporates one-of-a-kind spreads and interpretations, and he encourages you to utilize your inner knowledge to have an uplifting discourse with your deck. This book contains all you need to know to properly read the tarot. A 336-page paperback book measuring 6" x 8.9" in size.

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