Entering Hekate's Garden by Cyndi Brannen


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Entering Hekate's Garden combines historical knowledge with modern tools to bring pharmakeia (the practice of plant spirit witchcraft) into the current day. In it, author Cyndi Brannen shares her considerable knowledge of Hekatean ritual and witchcraft, particularly as it relates to the Green World. The book includes thorough monographs on 39 plants ranging from the esoteric (aconite, American mandrake, and damiana) to the common (bay laurel, dandelion, fennel, garlic, juniper, and lavender). This book combines conventional approaches with the author's own approach, with an emphasis on her view of plant spirits as partners in the witch's path. It offers a new taxonomy for understanding plant energies, strategies for developing new correspondences, the value of layering, employing botanicals in spells, rituals, altars, and more, as well as methods for developing meaningful connections with the pharmakoi (master plant spirits). Poems, petitions, and ideas about pharmakeia are intertwined throughout. Entering Hekate's Garden immerses readers in the mysterious realm of floral witchery in a manner that no other book has. A paperback book measuring 7" x 9" and containing 288 pages.

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