Dreams & What They Mean by Gonzalez-Wippler

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With the guidance of this renowned guide, you can learn to decode the symbols and messages in your dreams. Dreams and What They Mean to You delves into the nature of the human mind and awareness before delving into the most current scientific study on sleep and dreams. The author examines several forms of dreams, including telepathy, nightmares, erotic, and prophetic dreams. She also includes a comprehensive dream dictionary with definitions for a broad range of dream pictures. You may learn to manage your dreams in addition to analyzing them. This book teaches you how to remember your dreams more easily, dream more efficiently, recollect your dreams, and even become conscious that you are dreaming. This may significantly improve your dream experiences and intuition, as well as lead to prophetic dreams. Dreams offer vital information that may affect your life since they communicate in their own language. This intriguing book will teach you all you need to know to start interpreting and even create your own dreams. A 240-page paperback book measuring 4.26" x 6.96" in size.

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