Doctoring the Devil, Appalachian Conjure Man by Jake Richards


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So, who were the ancient Appalachian conjurors? What were their values? How can you learn to conjure? Appalachian folk magic and conjure are barely recognized now, but forty or fifty years ago, almost everyone knew something about them or knew someone who did. Appalachian culture is based on these beliefs. In Doctoring the Devil, Jake Richards answers these and other concerns, describing how to expel the “devil” or any unpleasant spirit bringing ill luck, sickness, and misfortune. Jake takes us up the Appalachian mountains, exposing us to hunters, farmers, blacksmiths, faith healers, preachers, and root diggers. The native spirits will teach us their methods. We go further into Jake's journals, his own collection of Appalachian recipes and roots for love, money, justice, and success. A 288 page paperback book.

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