Discovering Signs & Symbols by Kirsten Riddle

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Many old signs and symbols surround us, but do we understand what they signify or how we might utilize them? Kirsten Riddle's Discovering Signs and Symbols guides you through the origins of ancient signs and symbols from throughout the globe. She provides actionable advice on how to harness their power and improve any part of your life, including relationships, job, health, and economics. The symbols span from the well-known Celtic Triquetra and Egyptian Ankh to lesser-known but equally significant signs like the Slavic Lunitsa and Norse Jormungand. Kirsten discusses the history and mythology of each sign and symbol, as well as a simple charm or spell that may be used to harness its energy. Discovering Signs & Symbols begins with a short questionnaire designed to help you choose which set of symbols you most strongly relate with. The last chapter demonstrates how to design your particular power emblem. You may stimulate the flow of positive energy and build your own good luck charm by employing a personal symbol both at home and at work!

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