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The numbers in your birthday, the numeric values of the letters in your name, and the numbers that emerge in your life repeatedly provide a remarkable amount of information about your character, skills, and abilities. While our personal numbers represent our inner world, crystals allow us to balance the energy we were born with. They are earthly treasures that help us reach our spiritual potential. Their beauty and wisdom may help us connect with our destiny. The writers of this full-color book explain how to calculate your own numbers and work with gemstone healing energies to maximize your numbers' potential. The numerological properties, energies, and effects of the numbers 0 to 9 on human awareness are discussed. The writers then outline which crystals best match each number's energy and which give complementing energies, along with stunning photos. In addition, the writers include crystal healing affirmations, meditations, and crystal healing treatments. Working with gemstones that match your numerology might help you boost your own numbers' power. If a given number's flaws appear in your life, you may choose gems that help integrate and balance its effects. Numbers and stones work together to help you discover your path, identify your actual self, heal, and harmony with the planet. Let the crystals and numbers lead you! A 160 page paperback book.

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