Crystal Grid Secrets by Nicola McIntosh

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To create a bigger purpose for energy healing - connecting to the divine source of life – plant medicine healer Nicola McIntosh offers her combination of natural knowledge and the power of employing holy stones. Crystal Grid Secrets is a systematic method utilizing crystal grids and holy rituals to induce actual, significant changes in your life for particular aims and reasons. Learn to increase your intuitive talents and elevate your energy with the use of crystals, Earth's genuine manifestation tools. Discover the strategies to generating miracles and why your previous efforts may have failed. Learn sacred geometry and sonic resonance, Explore crystal healing and chakra energies. Learn to remain connected to the source of power and life. Boost your intuitive and psychic powers. Learn crystal grid healing methods for earth healing, aura cleaning, self-care healing, and soul purpose. Crystal Grid Secrets goes beyond the ordinary and empowers a new way towards the future of crystal healing medicine. A 220 page paperback book.

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