Little Pocket Book of Crystal Tips & Cures by Philip Permutt

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With this easy illustrated guide, you can let the energy of crystals improve your life. Crystals are natural and potent instruments for bringing health, money, love, success, and spiritual harmony into your life. They are beautiful, mesmeric, tactile, and widely accessible. This illustrated book presents 101 crystals, which are creatively organized into 12 color divisions for simple identification. Learn about each crystal's therapeutic properties, star sign, and chakra point, as well as how to use it to help the body, mind, and spirit. Follow the recommendations to improve your daily life, such as how to wear crystals for vitality, display stones at home to create peace, or put one beneath your pillow for lovely dreams. You may learn how to choose the perfect crystals for you, identify your birthstone crystal, and use a crystal pendulum to ask a question. As more people become aware of the power of crystals, this timely guide will assist you in finding the correct crystal for every purpose.

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