Book of Hedge Druidry by Joanna Van Der Hoeven

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The Book of Hedge Druidry is a powerful earth-based spirituality steeped in Celtic tradition for anyone who feel compelled to investigate it. This book guides you through the enchantment of the liminal world and helps you fill your own cauldron of inspiration, with hands-on rituals as well as unique viewpoints on what it means to be a Druid. Long-time Druid Joanna van der Hoeven walks you through the process of making an altar and rituals based on the Wheel of the Year and significant life events. You'll learn about fascinating moon ceremonies, suggestions for everyday practice, and how to work with medicines, spells, and the ogham alphabet. When you follow the path of the Hedge Druid, you learn to deal with the in-between areas, straddling the line between this world and the next and forming deep connections with ancestors, goddesses, gods, spirits of place, and the Fair Folk. Druidry is a strong tradition that recalls the mysterious atmosphere of ages gone by. This all-inclusive handbook to solitary Druidry will link you to a greater knowledge for the sake of everyone. A soft cover book measuring 6" x 9" and containing 329 pages.

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