"Tapestries & Curtains" Collection
Blue Celtic Cross curtain pair 22" x 72"
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A wonderful way to accent your window within your sacred space or home, these Celtic cross curtains have a unique look to them certain to set the mood you desire. Though created in a tie-dye pattern, they are largely a rich, dark blue coloring that fades to a blue so light as to be almost white in places. This serves as a background for the complex pattern of Celtic knots and patterns that wind together to form Celtic crosses, three of which run down the length of the curtain, which ends in a small fringe. The result is a lovely window dressing made of 100% voile cotton that seems almost gauzy when it catches the light; the perfect accent for the light spilling in through your window as they stir in summer breezes. This is a set of 2 curtains, each measuring approximately 22" wide and 72" long.

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