Big Book Pagan Prayer & Ritual by Ceisiwr Serith

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This is a very extensive collection of payers and rituals for modern Pagans of many faiths to return to again and again. The following are included in the Big Book of Pagan Prayer and Ritual: Yesterday and today, the function of prayer The many prayer structures that are concealed, How to Pray with and Without Words Purification rituals, sacred space creation rituals, protection rituals, prosperity rituals, good health rituals, and more Prayers at various times of the day as well as significant occasions throughout the month and year Prayers for all stages of life, including pregnancy, birth, childhood, first days of school, weddings, ageing, and death. Offering lists, a dictionary of deities from various faiths, and a prayer index organized by first line. A 336-page paperback book measuring 7" x 9" in size.

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