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The Astral Realms The Crystal Oracle is a gateway into the esoteric realm of crystal healing and cosmic influence. Captivating and symbolic imagery leads the reader to high-frequency realms, establishing a closer relationship with Spirit. An engaging companion handbook provides insight into crystalline energies and universal principles, working as an energy conduit between the physical and spiritual worlds for a deeper connection to Spirit. Above all, the handbook was created to inspire the reader to broaden their horizons and enrich their physical experience. This deck's construction is a trinity of crystals, celestial bodies, and essential phrases. Each of the deck's 33 cards has a profound resonance, immersing the reader in a more comprehensive knowledge of the universe's energy web and how everything is related. The trinity all work together to provide information and aid the reader in better knowing oneself. 5.63" x 4.17" package containing 33 cards and a booklet.

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