Art of Witch (hc) by Fiona Horne

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Beyond bells, whistles, gadgets, and potions, The Art of Witch ushers in a new era of spiritual mastery for the contemporary day. Fiona Horne defies old-school conventions and traditions to demonstrate how to learn and evolve with the times. This is a handbook for the structureless, as well as a rule book for revolutionaries. New and ancient methods are accepted; what it really means to be a contemporary Witch is disclosed; and how to practice true Witchcraft today in order to live a fully satisfied life is discussed. The Art of Witch is a credo - a code of ethics and values – accompanied by enlightening real-world experiences that show how to apply magical theory in daily life. Live your most enchanted existence. Learn how to master the art of genuine change. Master the art of Witches' tenacity. Know who you are as a witch. Believe in your own witchcraft.

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