Art of Scrying & Dowsing by Jenny Tyson

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Discover a unique, flawless way to scrying and dowsing that includes simple, accurate procedures that can be learned in only fifteen minutes. Regardless of your ability level, this book will help you discover missing goods, solve mysteries from the past, and learn about the future or other realms of reality. Jenny Tyson exposes you to a reengineered scrying technology that significantly improves the accuracy of the information you get. She also instructs you on how to use three types of scrying: internal, external (using a crystal ball or other speculum), and casting things (such as bones, shells, or tarot cards). Learn how to use dowsing instruments in conjunction with scrying to answer questions. Investigate novel approaches to eliminate your natural biases, such as the quantum time loop and the grab bag method. This book will help you take your divination practice to new heights by providing case studies, tips for common challenges, and much more. A 264-page paperback book measuring 6" x 8.75".

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