American Brujeria by J Allen Cross


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American Brujeria is a fascinating combination of American and Mexican folk magic being performed by persons residing in the United States but with Mexican ancestors. The author, who has dubbed this practice "American brujeria," delves into this mystical system while also providing practical advise on how to use it. While it has elements in common with other folk magic traditions, such as American Conjure, American brujeria also has its own distinct traditions, as well as familiar ones, such as the adoration of saints, both canonical, such as Guadalupe, and folk saints, such as Santa Muerte. Stories from Mexico (folk saints, the story of Guadalupe), the influence of Catholicism, the art of limpias (spiritual cleansings), spell casting, oil crafting, praying the rosary (in English and Spanish), making an altar to Guadalupe, using novena candle magic, crafting protective charms from saints' medals, and more are included in American Brujeria. A 240-page paperback book measuring 6" x 9".

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