Our Vetivert oil draws upon the essence of the grass of the same name, leaving it with many of the same powers and qualities. This makes it perfect when used as an anointing oil for a wide variety of spells and rituals. Traditionally, it is used in spells and rituals wherein on is seeking peace and serenity. From this base, one can often use it to seek or enhance love as well, as love flourishes within a peaceful setting. Otherwise, it is also known as a potent agent in use of spells and rituals of money drawing, or those that are seeking financial success, perhaps drawing upon the peaceful properties of the oil to try to create financial stability and "peace" in the future for yourself or another. Drawing upon similar concepts, it is also great for spells of unhexing, helping to create a deeper peace by helping to remove curses and hexes. Vetivert Oil is also a wonderful representative of the astrological sign of Gemini, allowing you to draw its properties into your ritual, and it is also frequently used during the holiday of Yule, where it is used in diffusers and as an anointing oil in celebration and reverence. This is a 2-dram bottle of pure anointing oil, blended with a natural oil base, such as almond oil, and is for external use only.

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