Associated with:

Energy: Masculine
Planet: Jupiter
Sign: Cancer
Element: Air


For those who need to:
- explore true feelings
- balance the emotions applied to a situation
- protect yourself
- help build a psychic shield
- reduce the influence of another's negativity (especially at a distance)
- banish negative energies and spirits
- reverse harmful spells cast on you

Use in:

- all protective sachets
- mojo bags
- spells and medicine bags

Agrimony is useful also as a banishing smudge or as a wash to cleanse the aura.

Can be used:

- in a ritual bath before beginning,
- as a wash for your ritual tools,
- in a smudge or simply decorate your alter.
This is especially useful for those who are too troubled to sleep properly.

Agrimony can be added to pillows, or placed under the pillow to ensure a deep and dreamless sleep.

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