Witch's Book of Potions by Michael Furie


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Join famous author Michael Furie on a journey through the different brews, infusions, and elixirs that may help you in your magical work. This hands-on book is a must-have resource for your shelves, with more than 90 easy-to-follow recipes that use materials purchased at your local grocery shop. Learn how to make potions to improve your psychic abilities, enhance your Sabbat celebrations, harness the power of astrological signs, and restore health in yourself and others. Learn how to employ various cauldrons and kettles, create other magical concoctions such as oils and ointments, and deal with a broad range of correspondences. You'll also find magical drinks, recipes for attracting success and money, herbal concoctions that harness the energy of the elements, and much more. This captivating book takes the famous picture of a witch stirring her potion into the twenty-first century. A 272-page paperback book measuring 5" x 7".

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