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In part, this is due to the use of natural cures and herbal medications made by Santero Priests, which has helped to make the religion so popular. A Santero Priest may have significant success with even the most challenging case by incorporating aspects of spirituality and environment into his or her practice. In the Santeria faith, herbal baths are often utilized to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Despite the fact that all of the components are natural, when mixed with strong supernatural magic, these herbal baths have the potential to generate amazing outcomes. Baths in spiritual energy have been utilized to treat illness and to attract supernatural power for hundreds of years. For more than 200 years, the Montenegro family has been involved in the practice of Santeria. This book delves into the secrets and procedures of producing herbal baths, which are employed in ancient Santeria rituals and ceremonies. The book includes lists of herbs, oils, powders, rituals, and other magical materials that have been utilized by Santeros for hundreds of years, as well as descriptions on how to employ them. Formulas for producing Orisha baths, love baths, money baths, cleaning baths, sweet baths, and baths used in Palo Mayombe and traditional Mexican witchcraft are included in this book, as well as baths used in traditional Mexican witchcraft.

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