Animal Spirit Wisdom by Kansa & Kirchner-Young

Shamanism & Gaia & Animal Totem's Books


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Animals have played a vital part in each of our lives from the beginning of time. For survival, early humans were nearly totally reliant on the animal realm. For spiritual direction, ancient and contemporary shamans united in trance with their animal partners. Native Americans learnt their particular totem animal as children and considered them to be lifelong friends. We may still summon our power animals for strength, tranquilly, inspiration, and support today. The writers present 45 major spirit animals alphabetically and examine their knowledge, distinctive energies, and how to connect with them in this full-color pocket book with lovely animal photographs. They propose methods like as watching your dreams, carving or painting your animal guide, or opening the book to a random page to instinctively select the correct power animal for a certain scenario or for support and protection through a tough moment. A paperback book measuring 4.5" x 6.5" and containing 112 pages.

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