Veritable Key of Solomon (hc) by Skinner & Rankine

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"The Key of Solomon" is the most renowned and notorious of the Grimoires ever made. Yet remarkably just one version of it has ever been published, by S L MacGregor Mathers, nearly 100 years ago. What Mathers may not have realized is that there were considerably more extensive and full editions of this grimoire accessible in many other languages. This is not merely a version of Mathers' text, but a translation of three wholly independent and wonderfully illustrated 1796 French copies of the Key of Solomon. These are the most beautiful and full manu-scripts of "The Key of Solomon" ever produced. Much of the data lost from Mathers' version is supplied here, offering a comprehensive and functional system of high magic with full specifics of tools, rituals, and a large selection of talismans. Much information not accessible to Mathers is also included in this astonishing volume, including planetary prayers, names of angels and devils, and a large variety of pentacles, as well as material on the Olympic Spirits, Planetary Spirits and Intelligences. The commentary by two of the best known scholar-magicians provides much additional material, a full survey of all the extant manuscripts of this famous grimoire and how they relate to each other, as well as the historical influence of the Key of Solomon on the development of magic from the Renaissance until now. The pentacles as drawn by Fyot, the original scribe, are reproduced here, with more than twice as many pentacles as were generated in Mathers' book. "The Key of Solomon" is the most important magical grimoire ever produced, particularly during the era from the fifteenth through to the nineteenth century. This current book ultimately returns "The Key of Solomon" back to its position at the center of practical Western magic. 7.24" x 10" Hardcover book with 446 pages.

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