Alien Bracelet w/ Moldavite

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Is the stone of protection. It protects people and their families from evil things and bad persons.
It contains the power to transform negative energies into positive energies.
Rainbow Moonstone
It enhances mental power. It helps to build a strong mind and control feelings.
The stone was formed around 15,000,000 years ago at Moldavite Lake in Czechoslovakia country. This stones represents wealth and positive energy. It helps people to build up the confidence and self-power. It is the perfect stone for businesspersons and for people who wants to develop a new career.
  • 8mm Jade
  • 3mm Tanzanite
  • 3mm Rainbow Moonstone
  • 6mm Moldavite
  • 14k Gold Filled
  • Handmade in Los Angeles

The bracelet is adjustable with extension, one size fits all.
*Please note that natural stones may have unique textures, patterns and veining.
That's what makes them so UNIQUE!

Gift Wrap
The jewelry comes with our signature pouch.

Return Policy: This item is non-returnable and non-exchangeable.